Sweet Potato- Vitamin A loaded

Sweet potato’s are in season right now so scoop some up! I found a fun recipe using sweet potato as rice in Chinese take-out style fried rice dish. It was absolutely amazing! Also, I got to use my favorite kitchen gadgets, my food processor and spiralizer!

I love substituting noodles for veggie noodles as a way to sneak in more nutrients into a meal. My food processor was a Christmas gift for my parents this past winter. I’ve found myself only using it to make peanut and almond butter. Don’t get me wrong, I love making these butters, but this machine has lived in my cabinet most of its life. I’m very excited to have found a new way to utilize the tool: veggie rice!

Now, how to think about this food as  medicine: Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant! What’s an antioxidant? Well, they hinder reactions promoted by oxygen, and fight free-radicals (bad stuff) You can use this food as medicine with all the Vitamin A it holds! Vitamin A plays a key role in maintaining healthy vision, neurological function, skin, bones, inflammation and more. Consuming foods high antioxidants, like sweet potatoes, is a way to slow aging naturally!

You can also thank Vitamin A for building strong bones, regulating gene regulation, maintaining healthy clear skin, facilitating cell differentiation, and supporting immune function.

A great way to be mindful about eating is to notice color. The color orange usually means Vitamin A!

What else is in sweet potatoes? Fiber, vitamin C, a few B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and manganese!

You’ve probably heard that fiber is important to include in your diet to avoid constipation. Dietary fiber does not get absorbed by our bodies; so it grabs onto the foods in our digestive system and pulls it along to the exit! Fiber also helps to lower our cholesterol and blood sugar levels. ❤ Thanks fiber!


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